What Documents Are Needed to Apply for a Mortgage ?

I’m often asked what information and documents are needed to apply for and approve any type of mortgage loan. While that can vary depending upon if an applicant is self-employed, retired, paid hourly, paid by salary, a veteran, or owns other real estate I have attempted here to define what could be asked for to help everyone understand what any mortgage lender might request on a conventional or FHA insured mortgage. I hope you find it helpful.

  • Employer(s)  name, address, phone, your start date, job title, base or hourly salary for all jobs over the last 24 months.
  • You current address(s)  and monthly rent paid for the last 24 months.
  • Two photo IDs. If possible, please take a photo of these with your Smart Phone and email them to me. This ensures they are legible.
  • One month of most recent Pay Stubs.
  • Most recent two years of Federal Tax Returns. Please make sure Page 2 is signed from each tax return at the bottom next to “Sign Here“. Include 1120 business returns also if you file them with any K1 forms.
  • Most recent two years of W2s and any 1099s or evidence of unemployment benefits received.   If receiving Social Security income please include current year Award Letter.
  • Most recent two months of Checking/Savings Account/Asset  statements, all pages, even worksheets or blank pages. Please provide a signed Letter of Explanation  and source copies for all non-payroll deposits exceeding $500 seen in the Deposits section as we are required to trace & source all unknown deposits per the Bank Secrecy Act & Patriot Act regulations on mortgage lenders.
  • Most recent quarterly statement for Retirement Accounts, all pages.
  • If you own additional real estate, please provide Mortgage Statement, Homeowner’s Insurance premium page, monthly Condo Fee proof, Property Tax Bill for each property & lease copies.
  • If purchasing new property proof of Earnest Money deposit w/ corresponding bank statements showing all Earnest Money checks or Cashier’s checks are cleared from the account as occurs.
  • Divorce Decree, if applicable.
  • Bankruptcy, Short Sale and Foreclosure documents, if applicable.