How to Pay a Short Sale Negotiator Fee at Closing

Paying the short sale negotiator at closing on a short sale can be done via a Seller credit. The Seller provides a credit to the Buyer on the contract. There is an addendeum to the contract transferring the Sellers credit from the Buyer to the short sale negotiator and is shown on the HUD. This mechanism has been allowed relative to RESPA on convential loans in my experience. The Buyer usually understands as long as it has been explained in advance. There is some debate as to whether Fannie & Freddie will continue to allow this practice but I have not seen it prohibited to this point at closings. It is an artful way of conveying payment for services to the short sale negotiator on the closing statement. Third party fees such as payment for an insurance policy are often shown on the closing statement for example. In that context this practice would appear to be completly within RESPA guidelines. This technique helps everyone close a short sale more efficiently which is what the housing market needs most at this time.